Bonplet : Frozen Produce for Food Wholesaler

Bonplet : Frozen products for food wholesalers, restaurants, caterers and canteens…

Bonplet : artisan producer for professionnal carterers homemade | restauarant | Hotels | catering specialists | Canteens


“Homemade” dishes


BONPLET’s high-quality frozen food is homemade.

BONPLET, the high-class frozen food specialist, has a catalogue for professional caterers.

Homemade’ products to enable catering professionals and food retailers to supply high-quality products to their customers.


Frozen Desserts and Ready Meals


We take special care with our ready meals and desserts in all sorts of ways.

Take our chocolate brownies, for example.

We took the decision to make our own chocolate to ensure a level of quality worthy of a gourmet dish.

Also, we take great care that our frozen dishes for food wholesalers are ready to eat.

With our homemade products, no additional preparation or cooking is required.


Frozen food delivery with no break in the cold chain


We know that cold chain compliance is very important for our frozen products.

That is why we have selected the best logistics experts for our ‘homemade’ food.

Take a look at our range of homemade products so you can truly appreciate the BONPLET savoir-faire.


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